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Rock Engravings Conero

Monte Conero is 572 meters high and is the most important promontory around the middle Adriatic. The name Conero comes from the greek Komaros and means "strawberry", common tree on Mount Conero, but only after the holm oak. This cape has a geological history that has always attracted many scholars. The Monte Conero has been the site of many civilizations. Have been found, in fact, various stone carvings on a stone slab, man 's work in an' ancient era. The incisions are small and circular straight canals, small tanks and mysterious signs. various hypotheses about the function of these cups were made. L 'most common hypothesis was that the function of these small tanks was that of collecting rain water can then be used for therapeutic purposes. According to some ancient peoples, the rain water had healing properties. This hypothesis, however, is not very credited, because in reality the conformation of the tanks would be little functional to dell 'water collection. A 'other hypothesis links the incisions and the plates to the representation of those who should have been the sites of interest in the Monte Conero in the past. Other hypotheses yet, concern the possibility that the incisions serve to measure time and make astronomical measurements. For many, however, the slab and the incisions were nothing more than a sacrificial altar having a religious function. The function of the channels and the cups, would have been to convey the blood of the sacrificial victim; in this way the "priest" interpreted the signs and the wishes of the gods.
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